Stance does matter to Win your Sales

Great product might allure businesses; however, it is the attitude that sells the product. Your attitude determines who you are so just keep it positive and enthusiastic. Then shift your focus to the product or process. This way your customers buy your product, making a right decision in choosing you. When you’re positive, ability to acquire customers increase and your customers are enticed with your performance.  A range of valid facets are mentioned below that will ensure you have a beaming and positive attitude.

Visualize: Be a good mind reader to identify the customer’s purchase before they do. It is a known factor that sales start with you not with them.


Want to sell? – Rejuvenate your thought for smart business ideas

Usually sales people persuade, influence or convince others to gain attention, money, and opportunity, every single day. But as a salesperson you must be effective to snatch the deal — salesmanship is not what it used to be. Customers have huge information these days, so the conversation is highly advanced and up to date. Sales person cannot take the same old lane in gaining the prospect instead they should be more transparent. This shift is definitely required for selling, a new way of selling your ideas or products. You just have to accommodate with this culture which expects customization.

Presale Pep talk

Before pitching ideas to your client recharge your confidence. Instead of usual mantra “I can do this”, ask yourself “can I do this”, it does makes a difference in your sales approach. This interrogative self talk will make you positive even if it’s rejection. Obviously each and every question prompts an answer with your prior experience or expertise. Am sure this session will pep you up for a better confidence in you.

 Put yourself into the shoes of buyer:

Selling ideas successfully depends on how better your rapport is and the level of understanding from buyer’s point of view, based on this you can frame your ideas in a meaningful light.  You need to explore your audience interest and their pulse for a successful pitch, am sure this would lead you where you want to be.

Make it visible to your audience

Now that you’re very much aware about your audience pulse, you have a lot of information on your fingertips. To set things in a line without any chaos is to limit the options; eligible skill that matters now is to manage all the gathered information clearly. To tailor information properly, identify any problems or needs. Start with questions rather than statements, it will help you identify the problem which even they are not aware about or you craft the pitch in an appropriate manner to match their ideal needs. Ensure you are matching their needs and not pushing things into them.

As Sales person you should be keen on diverting the client’s decision into your route, ensure the right opportunity for pitching with the help of Sales Integra’s “Opportunity Research” which will furnish you with sales opportunities on prevailing and upcoming opportunities available in different industry verticals based on your current sales process.


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