What made you lose the deal?

Have you ever thought what could be the reason that made your sales lead to hang up on you without doing business? Well, let’s see what could be the reasons that made your lead/ customer rebuff. Firstly, when you make a call, ensure you know some eligible information that allure your customer. Do your basic research to know about your customers, this will help you go a long way with them. Make your customer stay comfy and cozy while the business process is in progress, for instance, if you having a follow-up with them and you have given your confirmation to the client but the time you mentioned was incorrect. This could really end in negative so, be alert with these essential details. Be prepared with your customer concerns based on their introductory call. If you miss on addressing their concerns, I’m sure it is just going to be a lousy talk. Are you not talking about their challenges? If yes, you’re sure to lose them. Secondly, you aren’t fulfilling your agenda. Don’t stress on the fact that your product is unique in the market, it doesn’t matter to your customer all they need from you is to help them solve their issue in line with their needs and wants.what will i do know?

All the impossible made possible with Sales Integra’s sales engine, which will notify and alert you complete the task. Also, you can add brief descriptions like their expectations, concerns, challenges they face, etc. These details really help you acquire your potential customers.

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