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Its time to reachFollow-ups are essential for sales and a regular one will make you perfect sales person. At the same time satisfying your clients becomes your ultimate goal. So, meeting clients ensure you are a good listener. Before pitching your product, identify the needs and wants of clients or even any issues that they are facing. Convince the client and do the needful to satisfy your customer. Make a task note each time you meet your client and enter a brief description about the meeting which will help you to track the probability of converting lead to potential client. But, doing it manually will be tough and confusing — with Sales Integra you can easily keep track of these conversations and stimulate your relationship with the client.

Maintaining thorough records of whom you called, when you called and how many calls resulted in appointments will keep you organized and you will also feel competent for the accomplishment of goal. Sales Integra act as a mediator for you in holding all these records at a single point that will help you to act on follow-ups regularly and build your client list instantly.

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