Expand your business with Social Media

All you need to do is increase your contact list and convert them into potentials. So, how can you increase your contacts strategically, here are ten ways that will facilitate expanding your business vitally. Expand your business with social media platforms Blog

Initiate unambiguous strategy – Strategize based on why you want to increase your contacts? Is it because you want to acquire new customers or increase website traffic. There are so many social media platforms and their approach is not the same. This is where you have to identify what kind of people you target. For instance, your target differs based on the kind of contact list you wish to target on Facebook will be different from LinkedIn.

Record and Track –  You meet your contacts through various meetings, events, conference etc. get their social networking details like twitter username, LinkedIn profile and Facebook page and other social media platforms. It’s now easy for you to contact and track them.

No to Hard Sell – Don’t ignore anyone just because you met them on social media or web chat also don’t try to hard sell you’re easily to get negative impact than you think.

Recognize your audience – Ensure your social media activities are customized accordingly to your contacts. Also, interact with the right potential contacts based on the platform that you’re choosing – the tone differs from one to another.

Target your key player –  If you know any business partners who are well connected in your social forum, ensure you invest in such relationship to achieve a whole new contacts through them. Don’t contact them through an online forum alone, make efforts to meet them in person as well.

Make them Tweet – Ensure your existing contacts are following you on Twitter, if not, email asking them to follow you and follow them. Increase your interactions with your contacts by posting relevant tweets. Most importantly your tweets should be interesting and friendly.

Expand LinkedIn connections – Your LinkedIn profile will easily fetch new connections through your existing contacts connections. Though the degree of separation could be a barrier sometime but still you can use your common connections to increase your potential contacts. When you get connected with your new connection opportunities get bigger for you.

Community with Facebook –  If you’re a B2C business this is where your fans and customers are united together. So, you should engage your audience differently where you are not portraying yourself as a brand or business rather it should be like a personality.

Don’t miss your chance – Time to time ensure your Facebook or Twitter followers wants to join the mailing list. Make it simple by providing a link in your website. This will drive traffic to your website as well.

Tailor your strategies and ensure you use the right tool to reach your audience.

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