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Is there something missing while you cross-sell and up-sell?

You have multiple products however your revenue doesn’t multiply the way you want. Are you aware of the fact that selling to your existing customers is supposedly to be easy? You keep your nose to the grindstone to penetrate and you still feel there is something missing out on reaching your goal? Then yes, you need “Sales Integra” that could evidently fill your path to […]


Prospect Connection and Acquisition made easy via Email

Email serves as an added advantage to get in touch with your customer; it has become a regular usage like a phone with instant response and interaction from anywhere. Customers these days expect you to have conversations   via email and this probably became as good as face-to-face meetings and phone calls. Here are some instructions […]


Are you under pressure?

Now it’s easy to find customers with Sales Integra: People gather data through various online sources, though it might sound little easy it’s actually a time consuming process.  Sometime you even rent or buy snail-mail lists, email lists and phone lists; likewise there are vast options available for collecting data. Data management is yet another […]


Healthy Sales practices that will make you wealthy

Sell to those who want to buy Sales serves around anticipation a lot, so your initial step of identifying relevant potential prospects, especially, people who are ready to buy product from you, make sure you enable the same level of effort in identifying those irrelevant and disinterested prospects. This becomes easier for you to spend […]


Stance does matter to Win your Sales

Great product might allure businesses; however, it is the attitude that sells the product. Your attitude determines who you are so just keep it positive and enthusiastic. Then shift your focus to the product or process. This way your customers buy your product, making a right decision in choosing you. When you’re positive, ability to acquire customers […]


Analyze sales rejection – Don’t Panic

Rejection is a push down that devastates sales person’s career than anything else. It’s obvious and natural that no one likes rejection. However, in sales one need to learn how to handle rejection constructively. Here are a few tips to handle this situation. Act rationally over rejection:                 […]

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Build Rapport, Increase Probability, Acquire clients

As a sales person, one of the main essential aspects is to build rapport with your lead. Your lead will become your potential prospect only if they cognate and trust you. So match their way of speaking to put your lead at ease. Gather information through social media platforms to find common points of parity […]


Be a pilot to fly high in the market

Managers ought to know nook and corner about every lead that sales team proceeds to convert potential clients. There is a lot of detailing that goes into a sales process like checking upon tasks allotted for a sales person, monthly sales status starting from negotiation till qualifying the prospects, sales pipeline status, leads status, key […]


Not making any profit??

Mostly management doesn’t have follow-up over individual’s tasks and productivity of sales hence they don’t have a proper final output of each and every single sale happening for the organization. The management is automatically unaware of each individual’s performance. Tracking their performance helps management to identify their efforts and encourage them with proper recognition. At […]

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Social Media could be your sweepstake for acquisition

Social Media is the biggest hit for every small and large size business to publicize and seize their targeted audience. While businesses are so keen to improve their market status, it’s time for sales people to track their social media pages and gather knowledge about them. Are you thinking how it could possibly help you? […]

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