Surpass your sales challenge

Recently I had a conversation with few of my friends from Sales. I asked them how do you win over potential clients and manage them while you  lose the opportunity.  When asked about the challenges that they face while selling. Each one came up with a different set of problems in line with faith, sales process and metrics.

make your team highly collaborative blogThere seems to be a clash between sales and marketing team. Collaborating both the teams and aligning them will ensure profitability. Trust – one of the biggest issues between them, sales does not trust qualified leads of marketing. Talking about the process you should make your sales team tag along the right kind of sales process administered by the organization. Metrics like a standard system should be followed in order to track your everyday sales activity which will ensure your potential conversions.

Sales Integra is offering one such solution that will help you collaborate your marketing and sales team proficiently. You can increase your quality leads up to 10 per hour whereas without Sales Integra you can only get three leads. Generating quality leads help your marketing team  gain trust in line with sales and this tool make your sales process  easier to get accustomed along accurate Metric system.

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