Social Media – Game Changer for Sales

Social media has gone for a shift from B2C to B2B. This shift has inverted conventional methods of sales, providing an exceptional opportunity for sales people. Your sales players have to spend some quality time with social media to build relationships productively. To be more productive certain techniques should be implemented in your sales process.

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Allocate your selling time for potential opportunities with highest possible conversions. Identify your customer needs and sales opportunities by evaluating their posts and comments. Sales people can identify this on their own, although the organization can help automate this process. Companies can make use of technologies that combine social media networks together. Sales Integra’s  social media amalgamation app does that and helps you have an instant view of your client’s social media page.

A lot of sales people use Linkedin to identify decision-makers of their targeted organization. Even small organizations depend on different social media platforms to get insights about the company.  Possibilities of warm calling are highly potent with social media platforms. And yes, how broader your network in social media will fetch you more contacts. When your sales team’s overall network combined together you can vividly increase your reach.

Sales Integra is built with (an exotic spider technology to crawl) enormous amount of high quality global business database from the entire web universe and zero down the relevant opportunities in real-time  with automated semantic search intelligence. Sales Integra’s Market Data helps you identify your clients along social media profile. Market Data not only provides you complete details of a client, this is an add-on to your sales process that helps you manage your time appropriately.

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