Smart phone – a smart tool to expand your business

It is estimated that smart phones sales in 2013 will be over 800 billion. Mobile is massive medium that there are over 1 billion smart phones in service worldwide. China is leading the world with the smart phones and is forecasted to have that distinction in the near future. Conversely, U.S. has 178 million smart phones which have created a great impact on consumer buying process and also how businesses actually do business.

Internet has become part and parcel of our daily life; 10 years ago this was not the situation, business advancements and internet commerce likewise the same situation is spreading down with smart phones now. Enormous amount of advancements in business technology and internet commerce is highly remarkable and smart phones

The Apple’s market dominance
Out of 178 million U.S. smart phone 64.6 million (36%) are Apple iPhone versions.  Undeniably it is the iPhone who gets more press than other smart phone manufacturer when a new version is getting released. There are a lot of people camping outside Apple store when a latest version of the device enters the market and iPhone users are highly devoted.

J.D. Power and Associates awarded the customer satisfaction title to iPhone. Based on criteria’s like customer satisfaction in performance, features, ease of operation and physical design and this is why Apple carried away the competition. This being ninth straight year for Apple and the devotion that is been loaded on had not faded away.

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