Reports to be assessed by sales people

Sales reports enable sales managers to take right decisions. Analyzing sales reports will ensure your sales process and cash flow is stable. Report enable the sales head or the management to track sales person’s day to day activities also identify,  if they are achieving their productivity goals and their efforts are converted to real sales.  Reports gives in a clear picture of the sales process moreover the management or the sales manager is in a position to foresee the achievement of the team.  Sales success is based on the categories of report that is being maintained or incorporated. Daily call report, Productivity report, pipeline, sales probability report are the basic sales report that will act as bridge for predicting sales and achieving them with reputed plan. These reports are further broken down into various aspects for acquiring intrinsic details about sales by Sales Integra. We are here to simplify your sales process effectively. These reports are really helpful for sales people to take their decision instantly. Sales Integra is the only solution that bestow you with various detailed reports.


Report categorization from Sales Integra: Accounts by industry, Contacts mailing list, key accounts, potential reports (open potential, pipeline by probability, pipeline by stage, potentials by type, potentials closing by this month, sales by leads source, sales person’s performance report, stage vs potentials type report, this month sales, today’s sales), Leads reports (converted leads, leads by industry, leads by ownership, leads by source, leads by status, today’s leads), Activities reports and campaign reports.

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