Is old school reporting system hurting your Time Management?

Your sales team spends their valuable time generating manual reports rather than selling. Are you aware that it’s actually hurting your marketing and sales process? 1_boys-standing-in-lineLet’s have a glance of the worst cases:

You’re unable to identify your potential prospects? You don’t have a flawless process that enlightens you with the quantity of prospects, the probability of gaining prospect in each stage? Your pipeline isn’t furnishing a clear picture on revenue?

If your answer seems to be yes to any of those, then you must be running down valuable time, money, resource and potential prospects. Time Management is a great tool for sales and yet should work out sales and marketing process vividly to keep your focus on sales for unstoppable revenue.

Say NO to manual reporting.

So, it’s time for you to know the best solution for streamlining your sales and marketing process. Sales Integra would be your one stop solution to fill your sales funnel, predict your potential clients, increase revenue and finally say goodbye to your manual reporting.

In a short version you can directly upload your existing leads or potential in Sales Integra and you can identify new opportunities for generating new leads/ potentials from “Market Data” which is available as an inbuilt option in Sales Integra. Likewise, every task assigned to individuals will be tracked and actions taken will be recorded; results of every action will be measured scientifically. Cockpit Control provides total control for the management about the entire sales process and revenue generated. It simplifies the decision making process to multiply sales and revenue generation.

Well, with these essential benefits Sales Integra won’t be hurting time management anymore.

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