Keep in touch with your customer to bridge beneficial relationship

For list building campaign you should have created a newsletter or coupon or some kind of information of value you offered a visitor in exchange for their email address. The idea behind this is to build a list of interesting visitors that you could market over and over again through email.

But somewhere around the concept of over and over became once every blue moon. Email campaign takes time and talent for creating engaging content for newsletter whereas for a small business there isn’t enough of either to get the job done on a regular basis. When you start sending out emails on a hit basis your open rate plunge and your click through are fictional.  Your audience, your list, has forgotten who you are.

Let’s briefly review why you started a list in the first place:


These are some of the main reasons that you needed a list. If you are not in touch with your list here are few tips to get them back on track:

Schedule customer relation: When you are ready to hit the emails to your entire list, find out the right day and time to email them. You will get some clues from your past history so that you grab attention of the list and your email will be well received as anticipated.

Mobile optimization: Smart phones are right in trend and its time you optimize messages for them. Keep the messages simple and short; also understand the users’ mindset to have appropriate message clarity. Make sure your texts are not bunched and messed up with the links that you are adding.  Test the messages that you are about to email, ensure it is easy to read and click the link.

The apology: When your are sending email to your list after a long time apologize for taking such a long time to communicate and reintroduce yourself to them. Convince them and ensure they read your email. It is essential that your subject should be striking, above all this keep up your promise.

Email campaigns can be the backbone of a company’s conversion rate but they do take time to create and manage. If you’d like to pass all or part of your email marketing tasks off to an experienced professional firm we’d be glad to share our ideas with you.

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