Is there something missing while you cross-sell and up-sell?

You have multiple products however your revenue doesn’t multiply the way you want. Are Is something missing to get thereyou aware of the fact that selling to your existing customers is supposedly to be easy? You keep your nose to the grindstone to penetrate and you still feel there is something missing out on reaching your goal? Then yes, you need “Sales Integra” that could evidently fill your path to reach goal.

Firstly, successful cross-selling and up-selling requires more insight, research and analysis of each and every customer who would be the most interested in your product. Identifying their needs and wants will enable you to position the product.

Sales person should have a regular track of internal affairs (what was customer’s last purchase, account tracking etc.,) with the customer and external data sources like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Alerts etc. The resulting data will help you identify trends and patterns of your customers. Usually you have to shell out a lot of time to gather these data.

Imagine having a widespread cross-selling and up-selling intelligence enabling you to identify the most amenable customer. This is absolutely possible with “Sales Integra”.

A complete history that you share with the existing clients will be available in the account column, monitoring the accounts provides you a great opportunity in selling. Likewise, social amalgamation option can be accessed instantly for each and every clientele, provided social media links are available. This helps you to gather data in minutes of time. Sales Integra facilitates to cross-sell and up-sell customer portfolios competently.




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