Healthy Sales practices that will make you wealthy

Sell to those who want to buy

Sales serves around anticipation a lot, so your initial step of identifying relevant potential prospects, especially, people who are ready to buy product from you, make sure you enable the same level of effort in identifying those irrelevant and disinterested prospects. This becomes easier for you to spend more time with potential prospects and less time in convincing people who don’t want to buy.

Inside out product knowledge

Effective Sales pitch ultimately claims for customer’s confidence and trust in your product or services.  Make sure that you have complete knowledge about your product or service, so that you are able to clarify your customer queries. This will be an effective step in building confidence in your customer. images (1)

Inquire referrals

Consider every customer or prospect as your breakthrough in identifying new customers, ask them if they know anyone else who might be interested to buy your product although, ensure you are not assertive while approaching.

 Do as you say

Salesperson should keep up his credibility for potential results. When you say you’ll follow up or promise something to your customer that you’ll do it, just fulfill your word else, the customer will lose credibility in you and the word will spread to their next door customer, creating negative mark.

If something goes wrong, take charge

Customers get disappointed when salesperson denies accepting their mistake or stressing the fault on someone else. It is better that you acknowledge if you’ve made a mistake and promise your customer that it will be corrected.

Don’t hesitate, just ask

Just be confident and ask for the sale, it doesn’t make sense when most of the salespeople just walk out without asking for the deal. There is always a gap when you’re about to close the deal, so just bridge that gap with effective questions so that you are not missing on your potential customer.

Promise things that you can do

Some people just to avoid losing a prospect, promise things that they really can’t do then scuttle it up to get things done. All you need to do is concentrate on what you are good at and if you get to a situation where you are inquired about something and you are not an expertise just divert the job to another person who are robust to complete the task.


All these healthy habits help you increase sales, last but not the least when you add on to special diet along with Sales Integra and you can do wonders with your sales process.


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