Email to business conversion: Effective methods

Tweets, fans, likes, and circles have become the trend; you might think email is passé and not a viable marketing tool anymore. Talking about email marketing knee-jerk response is usual and the fact that includes the word “spam” and the phrase nobody open sales emails.Inaccurate response of knee jerk will be agreed when you see your inbox and have a look at it. Spammers who send unwanted emails are still alive, but we should thank to greatly improved filters not nearly as much spam makes it through. The rest that make it to your inbox are messages that you have opted into.


Retailers that you patronize send in emails’ on a regular basis and probably you tend to open them; it can be a grocery store, drug store, travel site, bank, or any other retailers. People tend to open the email because, firstly you have a relationship with the retailer; secondly email can contain information that could be of value to you.

And this is all the core value of email marketing which acts as a better way to communicate a sales proposition to the most valued customer or a prospect than permission based email.

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