Analyze sales rejection – Don’t Panic

Rejection is a push down that devastates sales person’s career than anything else. It’s obvious and natural that no one likes rejection. However, in sales one need to learn how to handle rejection constructively. Here are a few tips to handle this situation.dont-panic1

Act rationally over rejection:                           Stay rational than being emotional over rejection. Convince yourself that it is not you or your offer that got rejected. Although, the reason is that your customer needs more information about the product. You’re nowhere inferior and no value for getting emotional over rejection, so act rationally and find out what ‘no’ means.

Figure their dislikes:

When a client says no, identify the reason for rejecting. Ask them graciously the reason for saying no to the proposal. Mostly people think that the client doesn’t like everything being offered except the fact that only diminutive things your client doesn’t like it. Without neglecting, just identify the reason with the prospect for saying no.

Don’t take no for an answer

No has become the knee-jerk response from people. You might be offering more than what the client expects but still it will be rejected. Especially for cold call with millionaires, you’ll be rejected before even you uttered your offer. This is just because they want to avoid or get rid of you. Always remember one thing, keep a positive attitude around you and grab complete attention of your buyer and say “I appreciate your position, but I refuse to allow you to not take me up on my offer.”

Be persistent with strong personalities    

The stronger a buyer’s personality, more difficult it will be for you to break down the competition and get in line with them. Strong personalities tend to be the most loyal customers. When you have great opportunity ahead, brush up for the challenge and prove them you’re exceptionally professional who doesn’t take no as an answer.

Keep track of your rejections

Make note of rejection and key in the reason for losing the prospect. It could be a wonderment what good can come by saving these details. When you’re tracking these details you can identify the reason why the prospect said no and also improve yourself exceptionally for further approach with the client anytime soon in the near future. Although practically speaking, it is not possible to track and make note of each prospect. A better solution for tracking these information’s is definitely using Sales Integra, it is an ideal platform for motoring your sales process effectively, helping you to track the past history of disqualified leads and convert them into potential prospect within minutes.

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