Don’t let your Efforts get Wasted

You put your heart and soul in filling your sales funnel although your end result rips your heart out? Let’s not beat around the bush. Usually B2B organizations waste valuable selling time, it’s because you pursue poorly qualified opportunities, therefore they don’t buy from you. Even if it’s a qualified opportunity over and over again you’ll get wasted with activities having no impact on your prospects buying process.effortswastedsi1

What you all need is  surveillance of your sales process in every nook and cranny. This will help you identify the breach and uphold it. Identifying the root cause for improper flow in the pipeline and diagnosing the issue will help you further proceed and solve it. It stands as an opportunity to find out exactly where you lack, for instance, factors affecting performance can be the product, sales person, lead source involved, improper identification of potentials, or irregular follow-ups. May be you’re throwing up all your effort in bringing in sales while you’re missing or lacking somewhere and that somewhere can be highlighted with the help of Sales Integra.

Stack your lack and cover up your breach with Sales Integra. Red alerts option in the Sales Integra forecast all sales related issues which need immediate attention are listed in this section, allowing you to be proactive and help you to take the right decision on the right time. This option helps you find intrinsic details of sales like inactive accounts, inactive potentials, order lost to potential, Junk leads and if your employee missed on any potentials you can notify them to get back with in acquiring opportunities. Sales Sniper predicts the highest possible sales conversions expected. Also, the probability of acquiring new businesses projected, highlighting the significance of concentration  that needs superfluous attention. When you know which potential you missed out its easy to concentrate on. So find your slip-up in the process with Sales Integra and revamp your sales process.

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