Email to business conversion: Effective methods

Tweets, fans, likes, and circles have become the trend; you might think email is passé and not a viable marketing tool anymore. Talking about email marketing knee-jerk response is usual and the fact that includes the word “spam” and the phrase nobody open sales emails.Inaccurate response of knee jerk will be agreed when you see […]

Effectiveness of PPC to augment Google’s traffic

Do you have a brand new website or you are ready to launch a product or service, do you think it will have clear visibility for people to knock up to your door, then Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) would be your right choice which will help you to take advantage of search traffic that […]

Keep in touch with your customer to bridge beneficial relationship

For list building campaign you should have created a newsletter or coupon or some kind of information of value you offered a visitor in exchange for their email address. The idea behind this is to build a list of interesting visitors that you could market over and over again through email. But somewhere around the […]

Smart phone – a smart tool to expand your business

It is estimated that smart phones sales in 2013 will be over 800 billion. Mobile is massive medium that there are over 1 billion smart phones in service worldwide. China is leading the world with the smart phones and is forecasted to have that distinction in the near future. Conversely, U.S. has 178 million smart […]