Be a pilot to fly high in the market


Managers ought to know nook and corner about every lead that sales team proceeds to convert potential clients. There is a lot of detailing that goes into a sales process like checking upon tasks allotted for a sales person, monthly sales status starting from negotiation till qualifying the prospects, sales pipeline status, leads status, key account information, potential clients acquired . Usually sales people have an optimistic proclamation without having complete information with them. It is always essential to have a hard copy or soft copy reference that will help you forecast sales with a great accuracy and also to have cockpit control over the sales process. Just like how a pilot controls the flight from cockpit likewise, you can also control the whole sales process using Sales Integra’s Cockpit control panel. This helps you to have clear view on assigning tasks to each individual, potential clients having high probability for acquisition, key accounts details, each individuals performance report and sales acquired by them. While you are tracking you can plan and organize your sales activities, which will give your sales team greater confidence and plan accurately for future demand. Sales funnel tells you the amount of business that you have attempted to close within the stipulated week or month or year. It becomes simple for you to have a 360° view on all the details that facilitate to enhance your sales and increase your revenue.


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