Are you under pressure?

Now it’s easy to find customers with Sales Integra:

People gather data through various online sources, though it might sound little easy it’s actually a time consuming process.  Sometime you even rent or buy snail-mail lists, email lists and phone lists; likewise there are vast options available for collecting data. Data management is yet another process of maintaining gathered data accurately which needs to be updated instantly. Lead generation is the preliminary process of sales leading you through customer acquisition. Organizations want to mark their standards high and penetrate visibly in the market for a better spread over. To accomplish the organization’s goal, a speedy performance is necessary in gathering data and acquiring customers. This becomes a greatest challenge for sales person to have a track on this task. Do you think a better solution for this will make your sales team work effectively? Here is an easy and simple solution “Sales Integra” that would make your data mining and lead generation process easier.

what will i do know? Ideally, 60 man hour for lead generation is been saved with Sales Integra and the refined market data is there in your desktop in just 60 seconds. Additional advantage in the compilation of market data is you can search category wise like based on the industry type, state, city, etc. This advanced search option helps you find the needed data instantly and convert into leads within minutes. Market data provided by Sales Integra gives you sharp market-sensitive analytics which discover right opportunities for sales.



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