November, 2013

Increase your first-rate Potential customer base

Potential customer base is all about qualitative leads that will make your sales job easier and above all helps manage your time effectively. Do you think it’s not possible always and when it’s cold calling it’s not the same way for every sales person. Yes, you’re right it’s not the same until and unless your […]

Up Selling – Multiply your revenue now!!

Making your sales boost up in all possible ways for immediate ROI? Thriving organizations know upselling could get them a lot of value and there are always possibilities for improvement. Effective upselling facilitates you to get more business from existing clients and gather new clients as well. Maximize Your conversion rate by planning a proper […]

Stimulate growth by optimizing resource

Every business is keen to optimize sales resources and wanting to take up all possible measures that ensures results. You should start with how to align your resources? How you can identify which one could be your priority? Optimizing sales resource helps your organization expand. Compact sales target within the geographical reach should balance and […]

Identify and Target your Niche Market

It is essential for your business to identify your niche market rather than targeting everyone , assuming they could be your potential customers. You should narrow down to explicit  targets and pin down your core potentials to create your niche market. Your audience must comprehend your business value and ideas as unique, only then they […]

Rate and Improve your Performance

It’s going to get hectic for sales people especially while closing business and hitting your target. In this scenario, it is unfortunate for the organization to lose ground. This circumstances turn to be a challenge for sales reps and yet, they are stranded for things that will motivate and support their performance.  This seems to […]

Social Media – Game Changer for Sales

Social media has gone for a shift from B2C to B2B. This shift has inverted conventional methods of sales, providing an exceptional opportunity for sales people. Your sales players have to spend some quality time with social media to build relationships productively. To be more productive certain techniques should be implemented in your sales process. […]

What made you lose the deal?

Have you ever thought what could be the reason that made your sales lead to hang up on you without doing business? Well, let’s see what could be the reasons that made your lead/ customer rebuff. Firstly, when you make a call, ensure you know some eligible information that allure your customer. Do your basic […]

Reports to be assessed by sales people

Sales reports enable sales managers to take right decisions. Analyzing sales reports will ensure your sales process and cash flow is stable. Report enable the sales head or the management to track sales person’s day to day activities also identify,  if they are achieving their productivity goals and their efforts are converted to real sales. […]

Surpass your sales challenge

Recently I had a conversation with few of my friends from Sales. I asked them how do you win over potential clients and manage them while you  lose the opportunity.  When asked about the challenges that they face while selling. Each one came up with a different set of problems in line with faith, sales […]

Powerful customer relationship

Is your brand value and sales facing a difficult facet. Then you should have an alarming customer relationship. This could be the effect of slack in your service, irregular Follow-up, or reactive behavior that aggravates the customer. Chances are Organization’s growth could be a hindrance for maintaining effective relationship with the customer. Managing extensive customer […]

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