October, 2013

Lighten up your business!

Lead generation is the lifeblood of any organization without that your business could go extinct. You invest a lot in generating leads and trying even harder for making it a qualified lead? Managing your leads is flashing out to be another crisis? Sometime you’re pushed into a torrent where you don’t have any idea on […]

Nurture your leads, grow your revenue

Sales people must understand that it is essential to nurture your leads by giving them complete information, identify their interests, help them in elaborating more about your product and keep them in a comfort zone where they can ask you a lot of queries. This way your customer get to know your product inside out. […]

Are you worn-out managing your Sales process?

Monitoring and controlling your sales process seems to be a brimming task hence, your decision making isn’t effective? Especially with multiple products all you need is time to manage your entire business process. You might have abundant of opportunities lining up in your sales funnel and if you’re unaware of the highest probability in acquiring […]

Don’t let your Efforts get Wasted

You put your heart and soul in filling your sales funnel although your end result rips your heart out? Let’s not beat around the bush. Usually B2B organizations waste valuable selling time, it’s because you pursue poorly qualified opportunities, therefore they don’t buy from you. Even if it’s a qualified opportunity over and over again […]

Is Your Sales Team Killing you?

Is your sales team underperforming? Is your sales process scattered? Consider the following factors that will help you overcome difficulties. Identify revenue cost and opportunity cost before helping your sales team with their problems. Active members will be closing new accounts and increase the sales funnel capacity more than their allocation whereas, unproductive team members […]

Is old school reporting system hurting your Time Management?

Your sales team spends their valuable time generating manual reports rather than selling. Are you aware that it’s actually hurting your marketing and sales process? Let’s have a glance of the worst cases: You’re unable to identify your potential prospects? You don’t have a flawless process that enlightens you with the quantity of prospects, the probability […]

It’s time to get bigger

Across the globe there is one common attribute that goes around sales — “growth”. It is conventional that every leader aspires to focus on mounting their revenue. Preeminent companies are keen on acquiring customers, optimizing lead generation, increasing account penetration and effective progress in the overall sales process. So focus on your goal persistently to stay fit […]

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Is there something missing while you cross-sell and up-sell?

You have multiple products however your revenue doesn’t multiply the way you want. Are you aware of the fact that selling to your existing customers is supposedly to be easy? You keep your nose to the grindstone to penetrate and you still feel there is something missing out on reaching your goal? Then yes, you need “Sales Integra” that could evidently fill your path to […]


Manage your sales team with Sales Integra

Due to ambiguous economic conditions, companies concentrate on boosting their sales operations to capture more market share. It involves a lot of effort and special techniques to drive through a successful sales division. It is significant to understand your sales people and tweak them accordingly. In most of the case, people who are performing great […]

Prospect Connection and Acquisition made easy via Email

Email serves as an added advantage to get in touch with your customer; it has become a regular usage like a phone with instant response and interaction from anywhere. Customers these days expect you to have conversations   via email and this probably became as good as face-to-face meetings and phone calls. Here are some instructions […]


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